Your upholstery is an important part of your home; so much so, that a beaten up sofa can make your whole house seem disheveled and dirty. For that reason, you should try to keep your upholstery as clean as possible, so your home can look more put-together. If you require a few tips on how you can maintain your furniture, continue reading the post below.

How to Avoid Dirty Upholstery with Tips from the Carpet Cleaning Experts in Scott County

Protect Your Upholstery with Repellent

Wouldn't it be nice if you could use a product that could protect your precious upholstery from any potential spills, dirt, or other filth that could stain it? Luckily, there are stain repellents that can do exactly that. If you want to keep your upholstery spotless, and ensure that whatever may come into contact with it won't ruin it for good, spray some stain repellent all over it. If you require a stain repellent, Cleanpro offers a Professional Upholstery Protector designed for keeping your furniture looking good as new for many months to come.

Don't Risk Getting Your Upholstery Dirty

The more careful you are with your upholstery, the more chances you have of keeping it in perfect shape for a longer period of time. For that reason, it's important that you avoid risky situations that could end up in a spill or other mishap that could harm it. For example, even though you may love watching TV and snacking on cheesy fries while you're on the couch, you should realize that doing so has "potential mess" written all over it. Instead, separate those activities, so your couch doesn't suffer the consequences of them.

Don't Let Your Pet on Your Upholstery

Upholstery is not the place for your pet to be on. While it's very hard to resist (especially because sometimes, all you want to do is cuddle with them, have them sleep on your lap, and pet them), you should try to keep them off the furniture if you want your upholstery to stay in perfect condition. This is because, as you may be aware, dogs and cats can shed a lot of hair, which will end up on your furniture. Moreover, they carry dust and dirt (and nasty smells) on them, which may result in an even bigger mess on your sofas.

Don't Rest Your Shoes on the Upholstery

Speaking of getting dust and dirt on your upholstery, another tip you should keep in mind is that you shouldn't put your shoes on top of your furniture. This is because the soles of your shoes are full of germs, filth, and other kinds of gunk that you pick up throughout the day, and by putting them on your upholstery, you'll only be transferring all of it. If you want to put your feet up, be sure to take your shoes off first! Remember that Cleanpro in Scott County works with a unique ion exchange system that can clean your carpeting and upholstery, and leave them good as new. Call (859) 684-0269 to schedule an appointment for professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in Scott County. 

Cover Your Upholstery with Blankets

An easy way to keep your upholstery spotless is to cover it up. For instance, using stylish throws, cushions, and blankets on top of it will ensure that any harmful substance that could damage them, won't get to them. Not only that, but with them, you can give your home a different feel and aesthetic, as well as provide people with ways to get warm when it's chilly inside. Plus, it's far easier to put a blanket in the washing machine, than it is to clean your furniture.

Clean Your Furniture Regularly

Lastly, if you want to keep your upholstery in good shape, you need to clean it on a regular basis. For example, you should vacuum it thoroughly to avoid dust building up on it. When you do, remember to lift off any cushions so you can access all of the crevices. If needed, employ a brush for your upholstery to get rid of hairs and keep the fibers happy. Finally, don't forget to act quickly if a mishap does occur on it, and to use the appropriate cleaning method for its material, so you don't damage it.

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Cleanpro in Scott County works with a revolutionary and unique ion exchange process that can guarantee perfectly clean carpets and upholstery, so you can keep your home looking perfect. Call (859) 684-0269 for more information on their methods, or if you're in need of expert upholstery and carpet cleaning in Scott County.    

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