The thing about vomit is that sometimes we can't control it: it just rises up through your esophagus, and before you know it, it's made its way out of your system. This, as you can imagine, can become a problem; especially when the vomit has landed on your precious carpets. However, while it can produce a very stubborn stain on your flooring, it can still be cleaned, and here you'll learn how.

How to Clean Up Vomit from Your Carpeting with Carpet Cleaning in Georgetown

Get Yourself Prepared for this Cleaning Project

Most people think that vomit is disgusting and the most repulsive thing ever. While this can be true for you as well, you still need to get it off your carpeting. If you want to make this cleaning project less nasty (even the tiniest bit), you should get all of the supplies you'll need for the task and keep them close to you, so you can attack the stain fast and easily. To that end, be sure that you have spoon or ladle, paper towels, trash bags, vinegar, warm water, dishwashing soap, spray bottle, towels or pieces of cloth, baking soda, and a vacuum. Likewise, wear certain protective gear (such as gloves, and a mask to go over your mouth and nose), and clothing that you can get dirty.

Work on Cleaning the Excess Vomit

As gross as it may seem, this next step is necessary so your carpeting can start getting back to normal, and that is why you should pick up the excess vomit and get it off your flooring. To that end, we recommend that you have a spoon (or ladle, depending on the size of the affected area) and plastic bags handy. Very carefully, start removing the excess matter (try not to spread it further), and place it inside a bag so you can take it to the trash can later on. After that, use a paper towel to blot the affected area and absorb some of the moisture from the carpeted floors. Again, be careful with this step, because pressing too hard can actually be counteractive and cause the vomit to sink into your padding.

Use a Mixture of Water, Vinegar, and Soap to Clean

Once you have removed the solid vomit from your carpeting, you'll probably notice that it managed to leave an ugly and stinky stain behind. To get rid of it to the best of your abilities, you will need to create a mixture of dishwashing soap, vinegar, and warm water. Put it all in a spray bottle and gently spray the stained area (don't go overboard with it to avoid soaking the carpet). Let the mixture sit there and work on the stain for a few minutes, and then start lifting the spot off with a clean cloth and some dabbing action. It's very probable that you'll have to work on this procedure a few times over before you see results, so don't despair. When the stain is gone, use a towel to absorb some of the moisture away. If you're working hard on cleaning the stain to no avail, trust that  Cleanpro in Georgetown will be able to remove any unsightly spots, so your carpet can look good as new once again. Call (859) 684-0269 for professional carpet cleaning in Georgetown.

Get Rid of the Excess Moisture and Smells with Baking Soda

One of the negative side-effects of using too much moisture to clean your carpeted floors is that they trap humidity between their fibers, which can result in disgusting smells after awhile. To remove those lingering odors, take some baking soda, and spread it across your carpeting. After you do that, you will have to wait for some time (around 15 minutes), so that the baking soda has a chance to act. Finally, you just need to vacuum it and the nasty smells away.

Give the Carpet a Chance to Dry

Finally, before you can say that your carpeting is back to normal, you need to make sure that it is completely dry. Ensuring that it is will help prevent mold growth on it and an infected home. To help your carpeting dry faster, you should first let it rest: don't step on the wet area. If possible, try exposing the padding under the surface, so that it gets ventilation and dries faster. As a last tip to help the drying process go over faster, we suggest that you turn on your fans and AC system, as well as open windows and doors, to allow air circulation.

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