Do you have carpeted floors and worry that getting a pet may not be the best idea? In this post will go over a few tips on how you can get your carpets and pets to live harmoniously!

How to Make Your Pets and Carpets Get Along

Limit and Train Your Pet

Unless you want to get angry at your pet every other day because it peed on your carpeting, you better house train them correctly. If your pet will be living inside, you may also want to teach them certain rules and limits; for instance, ensure that it doesn't scratch your carpet or furniture. Likewise, it may be a good idea to keep them off your upholstery, so they don't get it dirty or shed on it. Doing so will make managing having a pet and a carpet much easier.

Keep Your Furry Friend Clean and Brushed

Your pet may be lovable and fun, but they can also be dirty and shed a lot. To avoid the negatives, make sure that you keep your pets clean and brushed. Brushing them will help control the amount of hair they shed. Washing them regularly will keep your home clean and sanitary. You may even want to train them to wait at the door after being outside, so you can clean their paws before they come in.

Be Thorough and Regular with Your Vacuuming

Though you may love your pet, you surely don't want to live with a carpet that's filled with fur and dirt. That's why, if you want your flooring to stay pretty and hygienic, even with a pet roaming on it, you should create a vacuuming schedule and stick to it. Going over your carpets thoroughly about three times a week should prevent buildup. For more tips on how to vacuum expertly, click on the link.

Brush Your Carpeting to Remove Pet Fur

Much like how you should brush your pet to keep its fur soft and prevent shedding, you should also brush your carpeting to keep it soft and to remove some of your pet's hair. Use a carpet softener and a special brush to gently go through the material. If you need extra help, you can always use a lint roller, since its stickiness will remove hair that has become stuck in your carpet's fibers. Remember that if you're looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company that can get your floors spotless without harming your pets or the environment, Cleanpro in Fayette County is the one for you. Call (859) 684-0269 if you'd like to schedule an appointment to get your floors as good as new with a professional carpet cleaning system in Fayette County. 

Keep Nasty Smells Away from Your Carpet

There's no denying that pets can stink, no matter how cute they are or how much you wash them. If you don't want that scent to transfer to your carpets and make your whole house smell like dog, use baking soda to make it go away. Apply it all over the carpet and wait for it to work on it (keep in mind that this could take up to 12 hours). Once the baking soda has trapped the nasty smells, vacuum it away. Take a quick whiff of your carpet to see if the problem has disappeared. If it hasn't, try this procedure again.

Protect Your Carpet with a Stain Repellent

A way to save yourself some stress when your pet gets your carpeting dirty is to use a stain repellent on it. A Carpet Protector, like the one Cleanpro offers, can guarantee that your floors won't be as affected by dirty paws, accidents, or other mishaps for months to come. This way, your carpeted floors will remain in pristine condition even if you do own a pet.

Clean Mishaps and Accidents Promptly

It can happen to old, new, and trained pets: having an accident inside. If you don't want to see or smell the accident for weeks/months to come, put the tips below to good use to clean it off.
  1. First, lay a bunch of paper towels or newspapers on top of the affected area, and with your foot, blot the pee to absorb as much of it as you can (don't step on it too hard or rub it).
  2. After you've gotten most of the moisture out, clean the remains with cool water and vinegar. Again, take a few paper towels and blot the area repeatedly to lift the stain and smell.
  3. As a last tip, make sure your carpet dries, so you don't develop mold. Use a towel to absorb the excess moisture and turn on fans to help it dry faster.

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