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People with allergies or asthma do not have to remove carpeting from their home as long as it is effectively cleaned; researchers reported at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & ImmunologyIt's a long-held belief that carpets adversely impact allergy and asthma sufferers. ACAAI wanted to determine if the often-made recommendation from healthcare providers to people with asthma and allergies to remove carpets for allergen-avoidance purposes is the most appropriate advice. Their findings concluded that allergy and asthma suffers can keep the plush if carpets are cleaned professionally regularly.

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Data from the study evaluated nine residential carpets, six new and three from homes in the United States. Each of the carpets was individually laid in an environmental test chamber under controlled temperature, relative humidity, and air changes per hour. The new carpets were contaminated by introducing aerosolized house dust mite and cat allergens into the chamber. The introduction of allergen test dust was not necessary for the 3 used carpets. These contained 'natural' levels of house dust mite and cat allergens. Next, the researchers carried out airborne particle counts and surface and airborne allergen measurements. This was done before and after the carpets were subjected to a cleaning procedure consisting of vacuuming, spraying with a cleaning solution, agitation, and hot water extraction done by the pros. Researchers also examined the top, middle, and base layers of the carpets to determine the distribution of allergens. They found that intensive, professional carpet cleaning was highly effective in reducing both surface allergen and airborne particle counts and that allergens accumulate in the base of carpets. Trust Lexington Cleanpro in Lexington to remove allergens and reduce airborne particle counts. Contact us at 859-684-0269 for the best carpet cleaning in Lexington and learn more about the CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System Ion Exchange Process.

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On average, airborne particle counts for the artificially contaminated carpets was reduced 5.8-fold after a professional cleaning, and airborne particle counts for the used carpets were reduced 4.3-fold after cleaning. Additionally, surface cat allergen levels in the new carpets were reduced 37-fold, and dust mite allergen levels were reduced almost 10-fold. Although the study was carried out in an environmental test chamber, the conditions, such as the temperature, relative humidity, and air changes per hour, were chosen to replicate those found in people's homes, and the 3 used carpets were taken from the real-world setting. The size and distribution of particles in the allergen test dust used in the study were comparable to the dust in people's homes, so this represented an appropriate challenge for the carpets. Also, the airborne particle and allergen measurements were taken during real-world-type room disturbances, including walking around the carpeted chamber and bouncing a ball on the carpet. The data supporting the recommendation that carpets be removed from the homes of people with asthma or allergy was inconsistent The findings add to an existing body of evidence that indicates that well-maintained and professionally cleaned carpets can contribute to indoor air quality, making them a potential choice for families affected by asthma and allergies. This study demonstrates the importance of regular, professional carpet cleaning and use of a high-efficiency vacuum regularly for people with allergies. Regular cleaning can reduce allergy exposure substantially.

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How often do you need to vacuum? High-traffic or pet areas should be vacuumed daily, medium-traffic areas need to be vacuumed about twice a week, and light-traffic areas should be vacuumed weekly.  Use a CRI-certified vacuum for optimum soil removal, dust containment and to avoid damage to your carpet.

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Keeping as much dirt and grime off the carpet as possible is ideal. Be proactive and put out a durable entrance mat for people to wipe off their feet before entering your home. Then require everyone to take off their shoes, so less dirt is tracked inside your home.

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At least twice a year, your carpet and rugs should be cleaned by a Cleanpro professional. A professional carpet cleaning includes a process that extracts deeply embedded dirt that regular vacuuming simply can’t reach. Lexington Cleanpro in Lexington is here to help you get your carpet, rugs, and upholstery looking the best this holiday season. We also know it's important for your home to not only look clean but to be clean. Contact us at 859-684-0269 for the best carpet cleaning in Lexington and learn more about the CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System Ion Exchange Process.

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